On-Site Workshops

ASC 606 – “Get Started” Workshops

If you have made the decision to move forward beyond generic webinars and seminars, these workshops are for you. One day will leave you with a high-level impact assessment on your business, and after two days we will draft a preliminary project plan together.
Face-to-face dialogue and interaction is the most productive form of knowledge transfer and these sessions are organized to alternate between discussions of the technical revenue recognition guidance vs. its impact on your business. Together we will explore the relevant concepts and their practical application through examples, illustrations, and case studies for your company. And if you want to spend two days together, we can hash out your adoption and implementation timelines in a high-level project plan.

Day 1 – Preliminary Impact Assessment

  • Introduction to ASC 606
    • History and Status
  • In-depth Review of the 5 Steps
    • Identify the Contract
    • Identify the Performance Obligations
    • Determine the Transaction Price
    • Allocate the Transaction Price
    • Recognize Revenue
  • Impact on your Company
    • Position and Policy
    • Current vs. New

Day 2 – Draft Timeline and Plan

  • Adoption Timeframes
    • Effective Dates
  • Transition Methodologies
    • Full Retrospective
    • Modified Retrospective
  • Organizational Success
    • Key Factors
  • Resource Planning
    • Internal and External
  • Implementation Timeline
  • High-Level Project Plan

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