• Revenue Recognition

    is not complex...but reality makes it so

  • Dialogue

    is the best form of internal control

  • You

    are your own best expert

  • Is what you sold

    what the customer bought?

Training On-Line

We offer training through Illumeo on a variety of Revenue Recognition topics that we hopefully have made interesting.

Training On-Site

Build your own Rev Rec Bootcamp here. We take these topics and bring them into your business model at your business.

Consulting and Advisory Services

What’s your problem? If it has anything to do with Revenue Recognition, we have most likely seen some flavor of it before.

Join the RevRec.NETwork

If you are one of those entrepreneurial SME’s that what to run your own show, the RevRec.NETwork can probably provide some synergy for you.

Expertise in Revenue Recognition

If you have a successful business model, it usually comes with some level of complexity (even if not obvious to your customers). This complexity commonly stems from fulfilling a customer’s needs with a total solution, full of multiple elements and that need to be accounted for. US GAAP is full of areas that require judgment and you are left to interpret guidance, or often to interpret and interpretation that may or may not be agreed to by your auditors or regulators which can cause undue cycles of discussion, inefficient efforts, and additional expense. Management must be in a position to make the judgment calls necessary when black and white decisions are needed. We are about empowering management with significant judgment.